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Why lubricating your light vehicle engine ?

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How do TotalEnergies lubricants increase engine life?

TotalEnergies lubricants can increase the life of your engine and cut down on repairs. They do this in three main ways:

  • Engine cleanliness
    A dirty engine will fail earlier. Contaminants and particulate matter impair the smooth running of the engine, causing wear and corrosion.
  • Engine wear protection
    TotalEnergies lubricants reduce engine wear by providing an unbroken film of lubricants between all moving parts. This cuts down engine wear as moving parts no longer abrade and wear each other down through friction. This reduced friction also helps keep your engine cool.
  • Exhaust aftertreatment system protection
    Because they produce less particulate pollution and are cleaner, TotalEnergies lubricants protect your exhaust aftertreatment system.

How do TotalEnergies lubricants adapt to extreme temperatures?

TotalEnergies lubricants are formulated to resist both heat and cold.

  • Control of pumpability
    In cold weather, lubricants can become more viscous. Inferior lubricants may become too thick to pump freely, preventing them from working as effectively. TotalEnergies lubricants retain their low viscosity even in very cold weather.
  • Control of fluidity
    In hot weather, lubricants can become more fluid. Lower-quality lubricants may cease to provide protection for your engine as they lack sufficient viscosity to coat all the moving parts. TotalEnergies lubricants are formulated to retain an optimal level of viscosity even on the hottest days. 

How do TotalEnergies lubricants reduce costs?

  • Oil change interval optimization
    TotalEnergies lubricants need to be changed less frequently, saving you money on oil changes.
  • Fuel economy
    Improved economy means you pay less for fuel.
  • Reduction of power loss at gearbox
    If your gearbox isn't properly lubricated, your engine will lose power due to friction. TotalEnergies lubricants allow your gearbox to function smoothly.